Specialty Focus on ERC

Our team of CPAs, lawyers, and payroll specialists combine their expertise to provide a uniquely holistic ERC service offering that ensures technical soundness that cannot be matched by traditional income tax CPAs.


Maximize Your Credit

We use our EZ-ERC PPP-ERC Optimization Technique to maximize your ERC over the PPP Covered Period.


Prioritize Money Now

Through our EZ-ERC Advance Payment Program, ERC liquidity strategies, and lightning-fast turnaround time, we focus on ensuring that your business can access your ERC funding as soon as possible.

Here’s what makes us different:

​The EZ-ERC Team recognizes you have a choice in selecting an advisor to assist you with calculating, documenting, and claiming your ERC. We are 100% confident our carefully assembled team of CPAs, lawyers, and payroll specialists can efficiently and effectively help you maximize your ERC claim, while further assisting you in monetizing your credit as quickly as possible.


Specialty Focus on ERC:

In 9 out of 10 EZ-ERC clients, we’ve found that the current CPA or advisor have either not brought the Employee Retention Credit to their attention or have incorrectly concluded that they were not eligible for the ERC. But don’t hold it against them! The ERC has been developed through legislation under three complex stimulus packages released in March 2020, December 2020, and in March 2021, with confusing IRS guidance spread across hundreds of pages of FAQs. It’s nearly impossible for your current CPA to stay on top of all of these changes.

Also, most CPAs tend to focus on income tax matters, leaving payroll-related issues to the payroll providers. Not surprisingly, payroll tax providers are abstaining from providing any meaningful technical assistance with the ERC because they are not accountants! EZ-ERCs team has a specific focus on the ERC and this rapidly evolving specialty area, so you and your CPA don’t have to!

Maximum Cash in Your Pocket

The EZ-ERC team has developed a proprietary model that works to maximize your ERC within the PPP-covered period. Through our proprietary EZ-ERC PPP-ERC Optimization Technique, we analyze the PPP-ERC interaction at the employee level to ensure the maximum ERC benefit can be taken, while preserving our client’s ability to claim full PPP forgiveness (where applicable).

We’ve seen other advisors take simplified approaches that either wholly exclude wages in the covered period or compute wages that are deemed out of the ERC eligible period on an aggregate basis. Both approaches can result in a significantly lower ERC than is allowable under law – which means less money in your pocket. We are so confident that we can maximize your credit, EZ-ERC offers a no-cost “second look” for any ERC calculations that have been proposed by you or your current CPA.

What if I get audited?

Every client receives an EZ-ERC Client Package which is an audit-ready support file, along with a 10+ page report that explains the analysis and the calculations around your credit claim. While we believe our work is more than sufficient to withstand any IRS scrutiny, we have several experienced CPAs and lawyers on our staff, along with a former 15-year payroll specialist from ADP that are committed to supporting our clients both now and in the future.

We are more than well-equipped to assist in the rare event that the IRS contests your credit and provide our clients “sleep well at night” coverage.

Why should I trust EZ-ERC?

The EZ-ERC team is led by credentialed, industry experts and is backed by corporate partners that believe in the quality of expertise and service being offered through our platform. We would be happy to arrange client referrals or initiate any discussion with our technical board or corporate partners.

While we believe strongly in the technical soundness of our work, EZ-ERCs fees are fully refundable up to the amount of any IRS adjustments that are not attributable to a client’s source data or representations. We also offer flexible invoicing plans, which include several options that ensure that we don’t get paid until you get paid.

We’re the best in the business. Why not reach out and let us prove it to you?

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