Recca Ravnborg

Client Onboarding Manager

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Recca Ravnborg is the Client Onboarding Manager of EZ-ERC

As Client Onboarding Manager, Recca Ravnborg and her team expertly guide clients through the intake and onboarding process associated with ERC eligibility. She creates an efficient, positive, professional experience for clients as they begin their ERC journey.

Recca was previously a Marketing Manager for a large Florida CPA firm where she managed the firm’s branding, marketing and client onboarding. She was a founding member of the firm’s “Bean Counters for Healthy Living” wellness committee which helped the company gain recognition as both a Best Company to Work For and A Healthiest Company to Work For statewide and nationally as well as become a leading philanthropic partner between 2010 and 2022.

Born and raised in Denmark, Recca also lived in Scotland where she graduated with distinction with her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, European Languages and international marketing from the University of The West of Scotland. She speaks three languages and is a board member for the DePaul School of Northeast Florida, a school serving children with Dyslexia. She is a proud mother of a teenage son and their beloved Golden Retriever, Buddy, who often pops in on video calls.

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