EZ-ERC Was Thrilled to Sponsor “Plan the Attack” 2022

December 19, 2022  |  1 min read

Plan the Attack was on December 9th at One Ocean Resort and Spa in Jacksonville, FL, and EZ-ERC was thrilled to be a part of the sponsorship! Plan the Attack is an annual strategic planning event for CEOs, to help them plan for a GREAT year ahead. During this event, CEOs create a clear vision and get clarity around their top business opportunities and priorities. It is a gathering that encourages CEOs to pause, plan, and come up with a plan with other CEOs to execute.

The event not only encourages strategic business planning, but also allows time for individuals to think about what they want to achieve in their personal lives in addition to their business goals. Intertwining the two helps to keep things aligned and on track. This year, 60 CEOs were in attendance, in industries ranging from manufacturing, engineering, medical, and professional services.

Nick Lewandowski and Recca Ravnborg of EZ-ERC attended the event, during which they were able to network with a number of high-profile CEOs and decision makers.

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